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[ the BIG CATCH ]

Adam & Ashlyn
 are absolutely adorable. They are a match made in heaven and the sweetest of love birds! Adam proposed to her at a secluded spot in Barr Lake so we took a lovely walk out to the significant location that she said YES! Their love for one another was evident in the session we shared together and it was so inspiring seeing their passion and tenderness expressed during our shoot. Adam loves hunting and Ashlyn could have sat on the bridge with a luer in the water all afternoon. I have never met such a lovely lady that dressed so elegantly, and yet found herself giddy over the size and weight of a fish. Talk about the perfect ‘catch‘ for Adam! Yes…I do enjoy a cheesy pun. The two will be united in marriage in 2015 and I am beyond excited for their future of fun together! Thank you to the both of you for a fabulous engagement session and I look forward to your wedding day! Congratulations!  ~HP

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