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Catherine is 9 months!

What a lovely opportunity to spend with the Tynan Family! Catherine is simply a doll and her brother Conner is the perfect big brother a girl could ask for. Another great opportunity to shoot lifestyle indoor and at my clients home. I love walking into home where families are in their element, have the perfect toys and snacks at their disposal and wonderful natural light pouring into second story bedrooms. What a perfect way to capture these littles at this phase of life…right where most of their life happens. Bedrooms, comfy chairs, and in the arms of their parents. One of Catherine’s best expressions is her ‘scrunchy face’ and you will see by its cuteness why her parents wanted me to make sure and capture it!! Aside from the ‘scrunchy face’, she gave me perfect glimpses of those precious little ‘toofers’ growing in on her bottom gums, and she stared into the camera so pleasantly with those big and beautiful eyes! What a doll you are little miss Catherine! I can’t wait to capture your growth at your first year mark! -HP

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