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The Newest Hatchling in the Booth Nest

Earlier than expected, Gretta Grey made her debut late February at 7 pounds and 10 ounces! And what a doll she is! It is a pure treat every time I step into the ‘Booth Nest’! This family always greets me with such enthusiasm and encouragement every time we get together. Gretta is going to be absolutley ¬†treasured by her big brother and sissy! I am thrilled to shoot the rest of Gretta’s first year sessions and watch her sweet little personality come out! I had to include a few ‘behind the scenes’ shot showing just how much the family helped Gretta during her first official photo shoot. Dad perfectly place the jewels around her tiny little neck, while Jemma offered her sweet big sissy kisses…Cannon gave her sweet looks while keeping a good grip on his bottled. And we can not forget obout momma~ She kept Gretta nursed, dry, and warm so she could stay stress free during the shoot. Ahhh…what a hard job…curling up, swaddled in a blanket, while listening to your family and photographer ooo and ahhh over your cuteness! Too much to handle Miss Gretta Grey! So so precious!¬†IMG_5205 IMG_5198 IMG_5198-2 IMG_5189 IMG_5188 IMG_5180 IMG_5177 IMG_5175 IMG_5173 IMG_5170 IMG_5168 IMG_5164 IMG_5161 IMG_5157 IMG_5156 IMG_5155 IMG_5150 IMG_5150-2 IMG_5138 IMG_5134 IMG_5132 IMG_5129 IMG_5127 IMG_5126 IMG_5123 IMG_5119

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