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Shabby Chic Doll

What an absolute DOLL! Evelyn was such a joy to photograph. She had such sweet looks and gorgeous eyes! After weeks of attempting an outdoor shoot during this crazy Colorado monsoon season (is that really a thing?), we decided to do a studio session instead and I LOVE how it turned out. Fortunately, we were able to venture out for a bit to get a few more lifestyle family poses to add to the lovely Evie collection. Thank you to her momma and daddy for being such entertainers behind the camera and for taking initiative to haul a massive chair and the heaviest mirror I have every seen all the way to the shoot! Seriously?? I love props but I LOVE personal and unique props more! I am always trying to trade up and add to my collection of goodies, but when my clients go out of their way to bring such lovely treasures, it makes my day, and it makes their photos that much more meaningful to them and no one else will have the exact look. Evie, happy 9 months to you and I can not wait to celebrate year 1 with you!! You will surely be the cutest cake smasher ever!

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