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Love filled Luke.

Luke entered into a family filled with love from day 1. This family of 5 (don’t forget the sweet pup ‘Sissy’) made me feel so warm and invited in this intimate newborn session. It is always a decision whether to do a studio session or home session for our little week old babes. The Tynan’s lovely home quickly become the obvious choice. I was loving the window light and natural setting for the family to relax and sit back in their element while I simply captured the moment in front of me. Traditional posing becomes unnecessary when a family can feel comfortable enough to just be themselves and enjoy the time together. So many families become nervous or stressed as soon as the camera and fancy lenses come out of the bag…but what better setting to feel comfortable than joined together under your own roof. Luke was actually awake through most of the session so we were able to capture those big eyes and get extra momma cuddles on ‘film’. I can’t wait to do the next session with you sweet Luke and see how you and your brother have grown and bonded. Sleep tight sweet boy & congrats to the Tynan family!
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