Hi. I'm Hannah. (the girl behind the lens)

Fun fact!...My name is a Palindrome. Yep...like racecar, mom and wow - it can be spelled the same forwards and backwards! Simple pleasures, right? I was born and raised in Northern Indiana, and had the most amazing childhood of adventure and a simple midwestern way of life. While my very first memory of filling a roll of film took place around Chicago's Chinatown in 8th grade, exploring photography truly began the day I could drive. My bestie, Ashley and I would explore the dirt roads of Northern Indiana and Michigan. She and I would climb fences, run through corn fields, hang from the highest of heights, and crawl to get a new angle…or better shot. We learned from each other, from our cameras, and from nature’s pure form. It was organic, fine art, and my passion. All I had was my 35mm Canon Rebel, and I still think it is one of the best cameras I will ever own. Thanks mom and dad. It sits on my book shelf to remind me of where I began and the journeys I have yet to take. My mom was THAT pre-pinterest mom that always had a good camera in hand and not afraid to use it. She would stop us after every event, each ballet recital, playdates, first day of school, all the golf wins, prom, vacations, graduation, awards, you name it! If it looked like something to remember, she was either snapping a photo or taking the time to write about it and most likely, both. While my dad was known as the one with the fancy camera through his navy years, he was most often the one to write about our accomplishments and memories in a clever way that no one else could. It's like I had my own built-in photojournalists living right inside my home, recording my every move. Listen, I can not tell you how meaningful their efforts have been now decades later. I am a Purdue boilermaker all the way. I met my husband our last semester Senior year and the rest became history. I quickly excelled in a commercial interior design career at an amazing architecture firm in Indianapolis. Military life took our little family on a wild ride from Virginia, North Carolina, Southern California, and Oklahoma. We are finally settled and I have never felt more at home than I do now in the Colorado foothills of our breathtaking rocky mountains. It's hard to believe I have been in business nearly a decade now and it has been nothing but incredibly rewarding. I'm a busy mom of three human babies, Elijah Miles (9), Elsa Rae (6), and our newest sweet Elleah Mae (born spring 2019) and two fur babies, Pups Indy (11) and Cali Jo (3). We have traveled all across the country looking for beauty in everything that God has blessed us with. There are so many sights to see if we just stop to look. By taking lots of photographs throughout our lives, we can keep our family memories alive. I would love to help do that for you! While I spent years capturing the beauty of God’s creation in nature, I realized that I had yet to capture his children and the ones we call family. Today I enjoy looking through the camera for different expressions. These are the looks that bring me joy… the way he looks at her, the way she grips on tightly to him, a mother’s face as she hugs her belly bump, a husband holding his newborn so closely yet gentle, and a baby’s first smiles and first wobbly steps. Family is where we came from and what we long to make our own. Whether that is becoming parents, or perhaps leaving the nest and starting your own adulthood, thank you for the opportunity of letting me savor those moments for you. Let me crawl, climb, or jump to capture the beauty in your life! Contact Me hannah@hannahpierrou.com


“These are just beautiful. My heart is so full seeing these. Thank you!”

“These images are amazing! I cant say it enough. You are so talented in how you capture personality and incorporate scenery. Your editing is perfect and there’s no way I could pick 20 favorites! Because they all are outstanding!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! Don’t forget you will be doing one more senior session for her in April when her braces are off.”

“Working with Hannah is extremely fun, leading to a phenomenal senior session. She supported my decisions of having it at a DIY punk venue, and the rain before the shoot only allowed for amazing art shots. Her extensive knowledge of photography is extremely well shown and her passion for her job is unmatched by anyone else.”

“We found Hannah a year ago via facebook. We truly loved our first experience with her and booked again. Again, it was a wonderful experience. She is so patient with our little and captures such amaxing photos!”

We love our military family and offer 10% discounts upon requests.