Top 5 Tips for Making Your Session with Kids a Breeze 

Top 5 Tips for Making a Photo Session with Kids Easier 

If you’re preparing for a photo session with your children, you may be feeling a bit apprehensive. Children aren’t always predictable, which is why my simple tips will definitely come in handy before your upcoming photo session. 

1. Don't put too much pressure of the session. If you feel nervous or anxious about the session, your attitude will most likely rub off on the kids and they will surely feel the negative vibes. Our kids usually have the best behavior when they feel comfortable and confident. You have to try and lead the way when it comes to new situations like photo shoots but it doesn't have to feel unfamiliar. It should truly feel like an adventure with your family while a photographer is a fly on the wall with some fancy camera equipment. Keep on the front of your mind that your photos will capture your time together and the raw emotion that comes from family love and not every photo needs to be perfectly still, smiling, and staring into the camera.

2. Make it fun and memorable. Trust your photographer to lead the way. We are very experienced with kids and have many tricks up or sleeves and in our bags to keep the kids entertained and having fun. This will also create a positive experience between parents and kids when you allow the photographer to run wild with creative direction and fun cues.

3. Be prepared and bring essentials. Set the day up right with good sleep, full tummies, and happy littles. Bringing some yummy snacks and favorite camera appropriate toy is always helpful. I love capturing kids truly playing and doing what they love. If they need a little toy or stuffy in their hands, that's OK! What better way to capture their favorite way to play then while you are with a professional! If we plan to shoot off the beaten path, then make sure you're equipped with things like bug spray, haircare, wipes, and all essentials.

4. Patience is a virtue. Try to relax and enjoy the process! Don't fret if your kids are goofing off, or get a little dirt on their new pants. Real life is so much more than clean shirts and perfect poses. Work with your photographer and your photos will be filled with natural expressions and genuine joy. The more you are relaxed, the quicker the littles will follow suit.  

5. Embrace communication and special moments. Get your kiddos to chat with both you and the photographer about school or their favorite extracurricular. This allows them to feel more themselves around your photographer and will also yield more genuine looking photos for your collection.