Home is the New Classroom, and homework is my current subject.

As a mom first, this season has brought a lot of opportunity, but let's be real, a lot of headaches too. It's been a lot of ups and downs watching my school age kiddos navigate virtual learning with so much grace. At the same time, it's brought moments where I have wanted to pull my hair out. (Hmm...maybe that's how I could get rid of they gray hair growing in full force this month). The classroom has been super hard at times, but super fun as well. Certain stresses have been much less, with no places to go, nowhere to be late and rushed,...because that's usually how we roll. So much of this has been screen time for the kids and if our internet wore pants, it would been wearing it's thanksgiving turkey pants for sure because we are making what little bandwidth it has, burst at every seam. The hubs is working on Zoom all day long, and everyone but this momma has a fully packed Zoom schedule these days! What a crazy way we are living life, and I am sure it looks a lot like your household right now too. So, as a photographer, who loves writing about such beauty in unique moments, I have been taking the opportunities to document the special times. My son, Elijah, had a super cool math assignment that was more like a design project and we both ate it up! Triangles, angles, and drawing...YES please! I ran and grabbed my camera, my 85mm and went to town. As a 'non-essential' small business stuck at home since March 12...I have been so thirsty for new subject matter. I love seeing him as he gets lost in the patterns and colors. I love the mix of his fuzzy pajamas, the wooden farmhouse table (my husband and I proudly built and finished together while I was pregnant with our third), and the way he grips each colored pencil. Friends, isn't this the point of lifestyle? This is exactly what it can look like in it's most organic sense. Nothing posed. No one bribing smiles. Just a boy in his element putting pencil to paper. This is a moment I will absolutely cherish as an artist and a mom. This might not be your dream vision of a perfect lifestyle session. Maybe yours is a family hike, a cookie baking party, a pajama and popcorn kind of day, a kite flying contest, or playing with your backyard chickens while the sun hits its golden time of evening. Maybe you need to experience a different type of lifestyle altogether. Perhaps you are a lot like me and crave a session capturing your professional element, painting, creating, Olympic lifting, hunting, biking, and the list goes on. I would love to experience you showing off your gifts and talents. Until circumstances change, start thinking of your ideal lifestyle session and what that could look like for you. Let's chat about it, dream about it, and one day soon we can put that vision in existence, with social distancing of course.

Here's a fun question to leave you with...If you won a FREE session with me, what would it look like - who would it be with, and where would we go? Can't wait to hear all about it!