The Day the Ugly Died.

Each day we walk through life, there is uncertainty. Our world has so much chaos at times that it is overwhelming. There are arguably more things to worry about than to be at peace with. Will we make it there on time? Will we make it through security fast enough? Will he make it back home ok? He hasn’t called...I hope he is ok. Will the baby pull that down on herself? Oh no!, is she choking? What if the boy climbs too high and one of those tree limbs snap?! What if the mountain lion is on the property and the dogs don’t sense it? Do you think that tree is leaning towards the house too much? What if it falls on the house? What if I can’t get pregnant? What if I miscarry again? What if it’s cancer? I don’t think he loves me anymore. Is he having an affair? We don’t have enough money. The house isn’t big enough. I’m terrible at this parenting thing. Why did I think I could reach this goal, when clearly I can’t... The list is never ending right? The lies we hear in our own head! 

Friends! We live in a fallen world. Since the fall of man, we chose sin and fell hard into a downward spiral of sin and shame. Which has set the perfect unsteady foundation for fear, worry, and doubt. It uprooted our hearts from the Creator that longed to hold us forever in His hands. Our decision that day in the garden forever altered the way we walk on this earth. God Himself stopped walking with Adam and Eve. Ok, let’s just stop and think about this for a moment. Can you imagine taking long walks through the garden or woods or on the beach with the very Creator himself??? How amazing would that be!? That had to have been the most amazing feeling in their lives that was taken for granted and they threw it all away over a piece of fruit. Now it’s not just fruit, but what it symbolizes over and over again in our lives. It’s the temptation that swallowed them whole. 

It’s like watching the same classic movie over and over and knowing the pivotal moment but yelling at the t.v. for them to stop! ‘Eve! No!!! The serpent is lying to you! Don’t listen! Please please stop! What is she thinking!? Adam, wait! Don’t listen to her!!’ Isn’t this the exact same thing we do on a daily bases? Let’s circle back to that crazy long list of worries that will never include everything that rushes through our minds. And now this? The Coronavirus? More fires? Earthquakes? Do I really have to wash all of my groceries!? What are we going to do!? The true answer is that we have many choices but this has been left to us. We have a real audience watching and waiting and craving that long walk through the garden with us. He is just waiting for us to come back and lay our worry down. 

The truth is, that while He needed to separate from us for a season, that wasn’t the ending. We weren’t deserted and left to die there. Actually quite the opposite. We were given chance after chance to come running back, but after many failed attempts we were given a much better plan. This one would include a super bright star. That star would lead to a manger. A virgin (crazy right) would birth a King to save this world. He would be followed by few and rejected by many but in only a few decades, He would set a new standard for what it means to be loved by God. He would then go on to die on a tree for our forever eternal peace. So here is where many people stop. Wow what a great story! Awesome Jesus! Thanks for helping me get into heaven. This is a huge part of it and ultimately the end goal yes...but He didn’t save the few simply for their benefit. 

He prepared them for an even bigger plan that would last for centuries. He didn’t just want His closest bro’s to spend eternity with Him. He wants us all to be saved. He did this by sending His helper, His Spirit to walk with us always. Let’s go back to that long walk in the garden again...this seriously warms my heart because I love long walks with people I love. So first, the Father walked with us, then the Son, and now the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is like MVP in this story because He is the one that will be guiding us and bringing us to the finish line. Now, to truly explain the Trinity, it would take a ton of scripture and another day to write, but let’s just remember that God is God, Jesus is God in the form of a man, and the Holy Spirit is also God in the form of the spirit. Three God heads but one God - one creator, one savior, one helper. So the point of the cross was to take on all of our sins of the world and die with them. He was the spotless lamb that literally took on all of our faults and failures upon Himself and suffered the punishment of hell on His own. Then because He is God, He rose again on the third day to prove His eternal perfection and power. He chose this for us. Now it is up to us to make a decision. 

Remember those worries we had? He wants those. He wants you to know He already died for those. He left them in the pits of hell so you could have peace, not just eternally, but for the remainder of this earthly life! There is so much talk about death and sickness and fear. It’s constant. Watch the news even for a moment and your heart will be overwhelmed with statistics and numbers fighting for your attention. Now don’t get me wrong here. There is a huge difference between wisdom and ignoring reality. The reality is that yes people are truly hurting, being over taken by illness, and many are taking their last breathes on earth. It is painful. We still live in a fallen world. These things are going to happen until God returns to the earth for His children. The second coming will forever set the earth free of the pain. 

So while we are still surrounded by hurt and destruction, we have to cling to the Spirit. He gives us the power to face these things head on. Remember He takes on the burden so we can find peace on earth. He carries this. Yes, be wise, and walk in wisdom. Wash your hands, listen to educated decisions made by our leadership and authorities because it is put in place for your benefit. But while walking in wisdom, also walk in faith knowing that our God is so much bigger than a world wide virus. Why hasn’t he stopped this then, you ask? Friends, he already has. Remember He was murdered on the cross for this and every other ugly thing. So while the world is spreading rainbows of hope, and reminding their neighbors to believe in hope, His promises have been found in the first rainbow since He stopped the flood. Remember Christians, He promised to never flood the Earth again. So no, He did not flood the Earth with a virus. Nope. Not our loving God that has already planned and prepared an amazing homecoming for His children. Just like I would never think for a second to spread ill on my own children. 

So let’s join in celebrating that this earthly thing was given center stage for only a moment in history, but the stone was rolled away and He has risen for all nations and for all of eternity. He holds the ultimate spotlight and He was, is, and will be always the way. I am so thankful social distancing has no place with the Spirit! Happy Easter friends. Hold onto His perfect hope and lay it down. Now go wash your hands and enjoy your walk!

Xo, Hannah